ibuild partners with Kenya engineering and technologists registration board

Almost three years ago President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed the first members of the new Kenya Engineering and Technology Registration Board (KETRB).

KETRB was established in accordance with the Engineering Technology Act No 23 of 2016 Part II Section 3(1), to set standards for engineering technologists and technicians, register and issue licenses to qualified persons as per the provision of the Act.

‘’The Board is also mandated to verify that engineering professional services and works are undertaken by persons registered under the Act as well as ensure that standards and professional ethics for health and safety of the public are observed’’. Prof George Thumbi –Chairman KETRB

With its mission being to set and enforce standards that promote the engineering technology profession and ensure provision of quality services and works by stakeholders, it was only fitting that iBUILD forms a partnership with KETRB as a key body in the industry.

Tech in construction

iBUILD is the world’s first fin-tech platform that allows the untapped workforce to transact in a secure, transparent environment, with customers, lenders, building professionals, workers and suppliers linked together in a powerful hybrid value chain.

What this means for the industry is that it will now be easy to ascertain qualifications of engineers and technologists in construction, while ensuring quality construction work done by registered workers sourced from the platform.

Further to this, the partnership creates an opportunity to ease the KETRB registration process by providing this service on the iBUILD platform. That essentially means technologist and technicians wishing to register with KETRB can submit their details and make the membership payment through iBUILD, saving them time and energy.

Another key area of partnership between the two organizations will be outreach programs. KETRB will be able to disseminate valuable information to all the workers registered on the platform efficiently with little notice.

This partnership will eventually make KETRB to be counted among progressive organizations that are able to make informed decisions based on organic real time data from the members’ interaction on iBUILD platform. This is also a plus for the workers, since their work hours will be tracked and used as metrics to promote them to higher skill level grades.

‘’iBUILD and KETRB are excited at this new partnership and will be rolling out programs to create awareness and educate the public on the digital tools available to everyone.’’  Mrs Alice  Mutai the CEO KETRB,

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